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Your Majesty is Annoying!
Your Majesty is Annoying!

Your Majesty is Annoying!

Author: 금귀
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It was already her eighth su*cide attempt.

Empress Medea did not die again this time, but this time it was a little strange.

“Memory loss?”

Emperor Lyle was amused with Medea’s words.

“You’ve been tormenting me terribly this whole time, and now you’ve lost your memory?”

Even if I had postponed it, the appointed night of union came back every two weeks. It was useless.

I didn’t even want to give it to you.

But if there was anything Lyle overlooked, it was that there really was another kernel in the shell.

Namely, Oh Soo-yeon, an ordinary Korean office worker.

Absurdly, she died from drinking too much and entered the novel.

Medea was an extra dying in the very beginning.

So what happened to the heroine Seira?

Originally, she should have gotten together with Lyle.

The couple’s night came amidst confusion.

For some reason, the mysterious fragrance of Medea stimulated Lyle’s heart.

“Your lips can’t be this sweet…”

As of that day, His Majesty’s annoying obsession began.

Was it really okay like this?

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