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This Is A Frost Dragon Instead Of A Small Lizard
This Is A Frost Dragon Instead Of A Small Lizard

This Is A Frost Dragon Instead Of A Small Lizard

Author: Blood Mage
Rating: 2/5 from 2 ratings. Your Rating?
90 Chapters 15548 Views 73 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


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Lin Bai transmigrated to another world!

It was a parallel world where the game and reality coexisted.

Dungeons of the abysses appeared and countless monsters were rampant.

In order to survive, all human beings needed to change their classes and practice superpowers in the academy.

Some people became magicians, and others became paladins.

Lin Bai became a beastmaster and obtained two divine talents.

[Bloodline Awakening]

After activating the bloodline in the pet beast, it evolved directly to its final form!

“You contracted a lizard, and it successfully evolved into a Frost Dragon!”

“You contracted a bat, and it successfully evolved into a Blood Duke!”

“You contracted a flying bird, and it successfully evolved into the Nine Heavenly Divine Phoenix!”

“You contracted a cherub, and it successfully evolved into a Twelve-winged Blazing Angel!”

[Bloodline Extraction]

Randomly copy one bloodline characteristic of the pet beasts.

Frost Dragon: Destructive Element, Dragon God’s Wrath, Cold Ice Spit.

Blood Duke: Blood Lash, Cage of Blood, Dependency Transformation.

On the transformation platform: Please choose to summon your initial pet beast.

Lin Bai: I’ll choose the little lizard.

Crowd: You call this a small lizard? This is a Frost Dragon!

And when the enemy thought the Beastmasters themselves were weak.

“His pet beast is already invincible! He himself is even stronger than the pet beast!”

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