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The Hidden Myth of Ji Dara
The Hidden Myth of Ji Dara

The Hidden Myth of Ji Dara

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They say Karma [Payback] is a bitch, but could they be any more wrong? this is because according to this book, Karma [Payback], came as a 6 feet tall, golden skinned, devilishly handsome guy... thus, what would we call Karma in this case? Thus is the life of Ji Dara who initially thought that, according to all these cliché novels, that; our earthly civilization is way much better than that of the cultivation world... But, who was he kidding? Who in their right mind would believe that people who could flip entire mountains and boil entire seas and oceans would have a mediocre mindset or old school way of thinking compared to modern day earth who relies on machines to do the fighting for them... Moreover, that is not even considering the fact that the strongest weapon on earth at the moment can’t even dry up the Mississippi... Thus,, Ji Dara is not here to speak or live according to these mundane mindsets, rather, he is here to tell everyone the difference between that mediocre mindset of earthly beings and the true reality of what it means to live in a cultivation world where beings tame dragons like they were dogs and phoenixes like they were docile cats.... That's enough.... if you wanna find out about the rest, read the novel itself and be very open minded and dynamic, or else, you might end up forgetting what is real and what is fantasy..

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