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The Goddess' Champion
The Goddess' Champion

The Goddess' Champion

Author: Photosphere
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The world of Sandoria suffers in silence; with the reign of the tyrant God Lucius finished under the might of the Demon Emperor, Hero and Witch Queen... a new Goddess is chosen to take over this deranged world... but, she is not respected or accepted by her citizen. In a sad world where love no longer exists, opulent ladies are criticised for being too slow and inefficient due to their 'bounciness', and handsome men are rejected for being 'too pretty for the battlefield'; The Goddess sighs and looks around, finding the one that shall enforce her will. With her sight set on Constantine de Castile, a retired Conqueror and Great Emperor from a lower world- one that upon his death summoned the wrath of a patron god for reasons and sins he had no idea he committed- she decided, that's the one. The past is the key to locking feelings away as the two beings shall work together to give the world of Sandoria a better future. The path will be difficult, magic abounds, and the wickedness of a world filled with multiple races shall engulf Constantine, and if that wasn't enough, he also has to bear with that silly voice talking in his head. "I don't want to hear you..." [Analizing nutrient...] "I... don't want to hear you..." [Burning spell is useful in this case...] "I'm just boiling water... leave me alone." [You're not as handsome as your attitude depicts you to be, old Emperor.] "At least I have a face..." [I can make a face as well!] "Good, do so and let me slap it!"

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