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The First King of Beasts
The First King of Beasts

The First King of Beasts

Author: Killix_Kreed
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On a normal evening, a voice appeared out of no where to give an announcement all over the world, this same evening was also when Dustin was run over by a car while running way from thugs.

Dustin however woke up unharmed, and learned that the world was about to go into ruins basically, and that some humans would be taken away in a few days as 'earth's warriors'.

As it would turn out, on the D-day, Dustin is one of those that were taken. But, this might turn out to be an opportunity rather than a curse, as some night before this day, something interesting happened.

[System activated]

[Starting assimilation... Complete]

[System online]

[Congratulations player for being the first to awaken. Rewards will be given]

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