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Tainted will
Tainted will

Tainted will

Author: EvilGrandpa
Rating: 3.5/5 from 4 ratings. Your Rating?
93 Chapters 12260 Views 18 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


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“Loyalty? I am loyal, but only to myself.”

“Friendship? Only the dead are my friends.”

“Love? it's but an obstruction.”


If given a chance, would you walk the path of a righteous hero who is blessed by heaven and earth or an unrighteous Demon who seeks to wipe out the heavens itself?

This story follows the journey of a villain, Bai Ming. Transmigrating into this cruel yet beautiful world of cultivators, where strength is always absolute and killing is just a way of living. In a world where right or wrong is insignificant and only an individual's ability matters, be it strength, wisdom, luck, or status, we follow Bai Ming as he lies, cheats, schemes, and slaughters his way to the apex of power.

Ruthless and amoral in his ways, Bai Ming has no need to hold back in his pursuit of strength. Only the desires of his tainted heart matter to him and for his goals, Bai Ming shall be heartlessly cruel to the world and even more ruthless towards himself.

To achieve his goals, Bai Ming shall walk the path of an unrelenting demon.

A demon who shall laugh crazily in the face of death and never regret, lament or grieve in the hour of failure.

He shall stand alone against the world and embrace the waves of loneliness with acceptance in his heart.

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