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Sword King In A Women's World
Sword King In A Women's World

Sword King In A Women's World

Author: Zhi Nian
Rating: 4.5/5 from 2 ratings. Your Rating?
129 Chapters 5588 Views 24 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


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Chu Qing transmigrates to a world where women hold all the power. In this matriarchal society, men are judged solely on their looks, while women are expected to provide for their families. Men are only considered eligible for marriage if they have good virtues, while women must possess a house and a car to be considered desirable. Even worse, women who are financially supported by men are accused of being freeloaders, and some women are known to prey on younger men.

As the “school belle,” Chu Qing is frustrated by these rigid social norms. He believes that a man’s true worth comes from inner strength and character, not just physical appearance. With his ability to cultivate immortality, he sets out to prove that men can be powerful and valuable in their own right, challenging the status quo in this matriarchal society!

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