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stakes - gambling with gods.
stakes - gambling with gods.

stakes - gambling with gods.

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What do you think you are willing to wager in exchange for your life? Your money, position, prestige, power, your family or your everything. welcome to the games of gambling where you can stake anything and can get everything from opponents at any cost. PS: Don't Let my poor wording in the SYNOPSIS deter you from trying my novel ~~~ Now Now this is my first novel and I don't think I wrote a good SYNOPSIS to really describe my story but I hope you can give it a try and help me improve on my road as my main character Zack will improve. ~~~~~ English isn't my native English so forgive me for any grammar mistakes and if you notice some you can point at it, although I revisited the chapters before posting to make sure there are no mistake but maybe there be some that go unnoticed Panda Fiction publishes original novels

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