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Sovereign of the Firmaments
Sovereign of the Firmaments

Sovereign of the Firmaments

Author: vinayraj
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A deadly assassin transmigrates into a world of Knights and Mages into the body of Lucas Hellmore whose entire family was killed by a rival family leaving him and his brother with an old servant. In the end, they were kicked out of the current firmament to a barren firmament. While leaving the firmament, he receives a transmigrator's gift; however, before he could check the gift, he and his brother were attacked by their rival family's young master. After seeing how his little brother was ready to give him his life, Lonewolf feels something in his heart, and from then onwards, he fully accepts himself as Lucas Hellmore and decided to take care of his brother for the rest of his life. Follow Lucas to see how he crushes anyone that comes in his way or harms his brother while taking revenge on those who massacred the 'Hellmore' family and becomes the Sovereign of the firmaments.

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