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Solo Player Arvin
Solo Player Arvin

Solo Player Arvin

Author: Aladin666
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Arvin was a genius back on earth. With eidetic memory, he was able to enter college at the age of 15 and could have become one the greatest genius on earth after graduating college… Although he was a genius, he lived a very tough life. With no money and no parents, he faced many life's challenges alone… But one faithful day he gets chosen to be a player in a game orchestrated by the Gods… He gets transported to another world where there is danger in every step… But as a ray of hope, a God extends his hand towards Arvin to save him… That God promises him power in this treacherous world and returns he only wants one thing…. BEAT THE GAME before ANYONE ELSE CAN Gifted by the Mischief system Arvin starts his journey… Come and join Arvin’s adventure in this treacherous world. Join him as he uncovers the deep and dark conspiracy around him… Join him in a journey where he becomes the most fearful existence in the whole game….

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