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Reborn In The Three Kingdoms
Reborn In The Three Kingdoms

Reborn In The Three Kingdoms

Author: Tang12
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Give me some ideas or references for the future plot of the story!

>English is not my main language as you all will see

>Will try my best to make the story enjoyable and can not promise that everyone will be happy as let's be real not all can be pleased

>The early chapters will be a bit slow-paced for the continuity of the story




Lie Fan was a Normal High School student who loves The Three Kingdoms History, He already plays all of the three kingdoms games and read the Romance of the three kingdoms.

When he was walking home from school he encounters a very strange necklace in the street, when he takes the amulet he was reincarnated to the three kingdom era which was 17 years before the beginning of the yellow turban rebellion

”Finally I can change the course of history!“

Follow Lie Fan in his struggle to rewrite history with the help of a system


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