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Psycho X Psychic
Psycho X Psychic

Psycho X Psychic

Author: JhiThan_Ser
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Teren Hark – Quiet and ordinary at school. Passive and nothing noteworthy about him. However, one of his classmates thinks otherwise. Iesa Hun – Quiet but extraordinary. Aggressive when provoked. On top of the school's hierarchy because of her brains and beauty. Recently, she learned the secret about Teren Hark. He's a psychopath who had a rich history of murder, massacre, and other atrocities. But she has her fair share of secrets as well – she's a psychic who can read other people's thoughts, except, of course, the psychopath himself. Welcome to Mershen High where these two superhumans collide as they slowly learn each other's pasts and meet the world's hidden supernatural together while still trying to be proper students.

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