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Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby
Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby

Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby

Author: Li Shengxia
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174 Chapters 3196 Views 19 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


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“Hubby, someone bullied me.” A few minutes later, a certain company had gone bankrupt.

“Hubby, someone likes me.” A few hours later, a certain confessor disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

“Hubby, I want to end our friendship, break up, get a divorce.”

She escaped abroad to live a free and easy life, and in the next instant he showed up at the door of her new home…

“Come home.” “We’re already divorced!” “I live right next to you. You may meet with me any time you like.”

The first day, there was a knock on her door. “I won’t meet you!”

The second day, her phone blew up with calls. “I still won’t meet you!”

The third day, her company had a new president.

A few days later, she knocked on his door helplessly. “Hubby, can we set a meeting?”

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