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One Piece: My Infinity Gauntlet!
One Piece: My Infinity Gauntlet!

One Piece: My Infinity Gauntlet!

Author: Levaa
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“Do you want to know the story of a man who has the same Infinity Gauntlet of Thanos?” Right after watching the Thor Ragnarok premieres, Will's life completely changed because of his impulsiveness of buying something he thought was fake. …… When Will, who inexplicably crossed over into the world of Pirates, successfully implanted a devil’s fruit in his golden infinity gauntlet, he was completely confused! What follows is a matter of happiness and anguish! "With a total of 6 slots on the infinity gauntlet means that I can also use the power of 6 devil fruits!" "Hey! Don't come at me at the same time when there's so many of you!" "Don’t force me to snap my fingers!"

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