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My Demon Pet System
My Demon Pet System

My Demon Pet System

Author: Immanioripse
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After spending his entire life on gambling and alcohol, a man died alone in his cold apartment when life decided to give him a second chance. "Where am I?! What... what is this body?!" Reincarnated into a new and young body, he will remember nothing of his past, except for the name printed on the whiskey bottle he was drinking a moment before his heart stopped beating. "Yoichi," that will be his new name. One after another, words written in blood suddenly appeared on the wall before his eyes: "Welcome to your Demon Pet System, your second life redemption's attempt. Tame a Demon in the next 48 hours or die forever." In a world where humans and demons coexist and fight for supremacy, follow the story of Yoichi, a young man who will become the most powerful Demon Tamer of the World of Lumya.

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