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Madam Wants a Divorce Every Day
Madam Wants a Divorce Every Day

Madam Wants a Divorce Every Day

Author: Su Zihuan
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[Old driver VS little fox, scumbag sweet pet, love after marriage]

Su Huhou was cheated by a scumbag fiance, Xiaosan is still her half-sister!

In order to slap her eccentric father and Bai Lianhua’s stepmother and scum sister, her brain became hot and she agreed to the mysterious boss’ proposal.

It is rumored that Huo Jingshen is the eldest grandson of the Huo family, the richest man in Nancheng. He is handsome and elegant, and he is the most perfect diamond male god in the eyes of all women.

But he was actually ten years older than her?

All kinds of dislikes in Su Huhou’s heart: too old! There is a generation gap in aesthetics! Uninteresting old man!

She regretted it!

Can she want a divorce?

Unexpectedly, after marriage, Huo Jing deeply hurt her in private, and even more spoiled his wife in front of outsiders.

“Husband, I have no money to spend!”

“Husband, someone is bullying me!”

“Husband, take the dog away!”


In fact, there are still many benefits of marrying an old man. She became the wife of the richest man in Nancheng, under one person, above 10,000! Can be used as a blessing, behave as a crime!

Well, it smells so good!

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