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I Returned as a High School Girl
I Returned as a High School Girl

I Returned as a High School Girl

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Park Geon-Woo is a professional bodyguard who leads the security team of one of the most well-respected congressmen in Korea, Kim Han-Gyo. However, after several twisted turns of fate, he is betrayed by the very man whom he respected the most.

As if fate would not stand for such a result, Geon-Woo is given an opportunity to return to the past to exact his revenge. But screw fate being on his side, he is not provided enough time to complete his return application form, resulting in him returning to the past in the body of a high school girl!

This is a gender bender story about a man who could be considered the epitome of manliness, turning into one of the most beautiful women in the country. He uses the new skill set that is forced onto him as best as he can to exact his revenge in a way that he had never expected to.

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