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I Have Become The Heroes' Rival
I Have Become The Heroes' Rival

I Have Become The Heroes' Rival

Author: Seol Isu
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“I’m gonna live with Irene for the rest of my life.”

“….. What?”

“I said, I won’t get married and I’ll spend the rest of my life with Irene!”

I wish I heard it wrong. Regrettably, I couldn’t stop Claudia.

“As long as I have Irene, I don’t need anything else.”

The three men looked at each other, then glared at me with angry eyes.

The insane obsession of The Crown Prince’s possessiveness, the smiling Duke yet something malice hid underneath him, and the cold eyes of The Knight that sent chill to my bones. It’s as if they regarded me as their rival.

“Shit. What kind of situation is this?”

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