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I Have A Monster Rearing System
I Have A Monster Rearing System

I Have A Monster Rearing System

Author: Southsky Star
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Jobs transmigrates to a world of sword and magic. In this world, there is a Sword Saint who can split a mountain with a single strike, an extraordinary magister who can control the elements, and a dark-robed demon god who sacrifices to the darkness. This is a world where opportunity and danger coexists. And Jobs is just an ordinary person who cannot cultivate battle aura, nor can he condense elemental magic. Just when he’s at a loss, he suddenly awakens a Super Monster Rearing system! Through the system’s evolution, any living thing can evolve into a monstrous monster. Have you tried to raise a small snake into a giant dragon? Have you tried to raise a small dog into a three-headed hellhound? Have you tried to raise a sparrow into a phoenix that is reborn through the ashes? With the system, everything is easy! What? I can still obtain their innate abilities?!

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