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I Have 108 Older Sisters
I Have 108 Older Sisters

I Have 108 Older Sisters

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“Yu Tian’s only remaining family, his younger sister, was diagnosed with leukemia, and they needed 2 million for the bone marrow transplant.

There was no way the poor siblings could afford that. Just as Yu Tian was completely devastated, a red Lamborghini stopped in front of him.

The lady in sunglasses who walked out of the expensive vehicle told Yu Tian that she was his long-lost older sister. She then transferred him 3 million to solve his current problem.

“Come on. Come back with me. All of your older sisters are dying to meet you.”

“Um… How many older sisters do I have?”

“Why don’t you guess?”

“Two? Maybe three? There’s no way I have seven or eight older sisters, right?”

The lady shook her finger and smiled. “Including me, you have 108 older sisters.”

Yu Tian’s eyes widened.”

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