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I Became A System
I Became A System

I Became A System

Author: yohananmikhael
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Aaron likes to read books, but unfortunately for him, he died by being buried in a mountain of books. Before he died, he cried for the last time that if he could only have new knowledge, he would do anything. And when an entity heard it, he was offered a new experience and knowledge in exchange for his current knowledge. Thus, he accepted it but the explanation was overdue when he became a system of a cursed child. However, the sufferings of the child hit him hard, wanting to assist her with all his might. Status. — Neglected by her parents, and ignored by the people around her, Ellena, who was deemed as a cursed child, suffered her entire life. Because her hair and eyes are black, she is a child uncommon to others. Labeled to be destined for evil and misery, at the age of 15, she was cast out. It wasn't great for her, as this world is dominated by extraordinary abilities. It appeared that she didn't have any abilities. Or so it is supposed to be… Runes, symbols that every back of the right hand of every person has, are categorizers and activators for such abilities. And Ellena has a unique one called System that no one knows. The system helps her gain different types of abilities in exchange for collecting fear points. And this system appears to be also a previous human, Aaron. Can Aaron who was a previous human, survive being a system? What will his life be like with a miserable child? Will Ellena have her ability? What is her destiny with Aaron?

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