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Firstborn: Return of the heir
Firstborn: Return of the heir

Firstborn: Return of the heir

Author: Motivated Sloth
Rating: 0/5 from 0 ratings. Your Rating?
58 Chapters 955 Views 5 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


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Most of Saulus’ young life was a clever ruse, designed to fulfill a promise he made to his late King: to protect Princess Venna, the King’s only child and his childhood friend. His predestined life began at age 8 as an orphan, recruited into the military. Ten years later he was a general at age 18. Before hitting his 24th birthday, Saulus became the youngest chief commander of the lone Retesian Legion, endorsed by the Patriarch himself. But when Saulus uses the Patriarch’s own army to seize his land and wage war against him, the return of the Kingdom of Burn is nigh! Long live the Queen! Glory to the Burn! May the grace of Firstborns protect us all!

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