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Doomsday: with unlimited warehouse system
Doomsday: with unlimited warehouse system

Doomsday: with unlimited warehouse system

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David travels to a month before the apocalypse, where countless zombies and mutant beasts have emerged.

At the brink of global catastrophe, he unexpectedly obtains a storage space of 50 million cubic meters, where any stored items receive a 100,000 times boost in effectiveness.

“Your stored Dongpo pork has received a 100,000 times boost!”

“Your stored fried chicken has received a 100,000 times boost!”

“You have discovered a portion of petroleum, receiving a 100,000 times boost!”

Before the apocalypse arrives, he stockpiles billions of supplies.

While others suffer from hunger and fight for a single pack of instant noodles, David leisurely enjoys red wine and steak within the safety of his fortress.

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