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Deranged Writer's Afterword
Deranged Writer's Afterword

Deranged Writer's Afterword

Author: Carrot_Dude
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I'm a loser that writes for a living. Now that I'm about to kill myself, I can proudly admit that fact. I was born a loser and now I'm gonna die a loser So, with much vigor, I decided to jump off a bridge. But when the moment came I got cold feet and decided to not kill myself. But I still died..... Turns out being drunk and standing on a very thin railing was not that safe and the fact that I don't know how to swim wasn't helping. Mission failed successfully, I suppose. But what's this? Why are my arms so tiny? Why can't I stand up? I have turned into a baby! Literally. WAIT. Why is this world so strangely familiar? Isn't this world based on a novel I wrote long ago... I reincarnated as a baby in my novel's world !?? '' Sigh...'' Fuck this shit, I'm out.

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