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Danmachi - Card Wizard
Danmachi - Card Wizard

Danmachi - Card Wizard

Author: Shireneko
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In a world where monsters crawl in the dungeon and gods walks on the surface of the world, adventurers fight to become stronger. Aidan, a young boy, wakes up in a small cave in the forest next to Orario. Without any memories of his past and only an urge to become stronger, the boy will aim to surpass the gods, for he is the card wizard. ---Extra info--- MC arrives 9 years before the start of the show and enters the Loki familia at the same time as Ais (they are both 7 years old at that time.) Reason for this choice: I could go two different routes for this fanfic. The fast one where he goes up a level in a month etc... basically like Bell in the anime or book... The other choice was lengthy and belieaveble. With this I can flesh out the characters, make relationships with the other characters, show a real progress, etc... (I'll try anyway and I chose the second choice) This novel is obviously a fanfiction. The world will be slightly altered since I'll make changes here and there, tho only small changes as I'll leave all the troubles to Bell once he goes to Orario. Finally, the MC will join the Loki familia? Why? Well, the story starts nine years before Bell arrives in Orario. So, Hestia isn't down yet. I'm not interested in Freya or a small familia. For Hephaestus familia, you can read 'endless path : infinite cosmos,' (he's been there a bit) which I loved reading, and so, I decided it'd be Loki familia. As for Harem, well, who knows? Certainly not me. Will only be updated when I feel like it. If you're interested, then I wish you a happy reading experience.

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