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Cultivation: I Can Add Descriptors To My Body
Cultivation: I Can Add Descriptors To My Body

Cultivation: I Can Add Descriptors To My Body

Author: Heartless
Rating: 5/5 from 1 ratings. Your Rating?
74 Chapters 26949 Views 103 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


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Li Ming, who had transmigrated to a world of cultivation without any talent, discovered that he could actually add descriptors to his body. By merging and fusing their properties, he could improve their level and obtain techniques.

[Martial Arts Spiritual Body: Your chances of successfully mastering martial arts are increased by 100%. You have obtained the Martial Arts World Technique.]

[Appearance of An Exiled Deity: Your appearance and charm increase by 500%. You have obtained Unaging Beauty.]

[Absolute Hands: The damage of any hands-based martial arts is increased by 200%. You have obtained Great Qualification.]

[Golden Body Soul Bones: The strength of your body and skeleton is increased by 300%. You have obtained the Indestructible Golden Body.]

[Deified Five Organs: The refining efficiency of your five organs is increased by 200%. You have obtained the Immaculate Technique.]

The list went on and on.

With a multitude of Immortal Paths, Li Ming claimed that it was not difficult to cultivate!

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