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Being a Koi in a Survival Game
Being a Koi in a Survival Game

Being a Koi in a Survival Game

Author: 夏季稻谷香
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An inexplicable danger lurks within the harbor, where numerous containers emit a pungent stench. Suddenly, crew members fell ill and began to wildly attack other people. The text that appeared out of thin air told her that this was a survival game.

Fu Anan thought that it was just a dream, and that she wouldn’t be affected by it once she woke up.

It wasn’t until the game told her: She would die if she didn’t follow the rules of the game. She would also die if she didn’t survive for at least thirty days in the game…

Unknown danger on the cruise ship; An isolated island that suffocates people; creatures inside the fog; Floods that engulf everything; Epidemic with no cure; Constantly collapsing lands……

How should one survive in various natural and man-made disasters, and in environments where resources are scarce?

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