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As An Undead Wizard, I Summon SSS-level Undead Disaster
As An Undead Wizard, I Summon SSS-level Undead Disaster

As An Undead Wizard, I Summon SSS-level Undead Disaster

Author: Dior
Rating: 5/5 from 1 ratings. Your Rating?
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When the game became reality, a new world presented itself to mankind.

Monsters, demons, angels, elves, and legendary creatures have emerged. Humans also had their own classes to choose from.

Some people became masters of swordsmanship and traveled across the world with one sword.

Some people became martial arts masters and restored peace to the world with a pair of iron fists.

Zhang Xuan, who crossed over and awakened to become the only class of Undead Wizard, started with a god-level talent, and all the damage suffered was transferred to the summoned creatures.

From now on, the summoned creatures would not die and Zhang Xuan would not be destroyed! One hundred years later, endless skeleton soldiers formed a large army, pushing across the realms.

Billions of witch-demon mages devoured life.

Under the curse, the gods were turned into white bones.

While Zhang Xuan sat high on his immortal throne.

He became the nightmare of billions of living beings. “I am the juggernaut!”

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